Aug 22, 2011


Quite an experience, "Surprised by Oxford" is a book written by the writer of her experience  and journey in becoming a christian through the hall of oxford university. Carolyn Weber shares her experience while in college,She has known to be moral but being moral does not get you to heaven. She had not need for God, as a fact doing great without him.Until she meet a young guy (THD) hence bringing forth all the unfulfilled questions.There is a life she had planned and well familiar with and here is one totally new and "odd" as she puts it.
       I picked this book with a different notion,written as a  Romantic literature book ,a memoir of the lover of her soul, found her while away to study in oxford. This story shows that God can use anything to speak to his own and it is never too late for any one at any stage of their life to meet God. Interesting to some extent, its a book you have to follow closely to put the pieces together.Carolyn Weber did a great job putting the pieces together as to how she began her walk of faith.

It is interesting to me, that as she narrates her story it was brought forth from the point of view of her profession; A Romanticism Literature writer. Hence we can see the beauty of her work while sharing her story.

I received this book from the publisher through book review and the opinion i expressed are my own, I am not required to give a positive review