Feb 21, 2014

According To The Time Of Life

Yes!! According to the Time of Life, that was what the Lord told Sarah when she wondered how could she have a child in her old and well stricken age.

We might wonder at times, most of the times....WHEN LORD!!!........ May be when I graduate from college, or start that new project, or get married. Maybe when the children are gone off to college or  when we move to a new state?? We all ask these questions......How much more can I take, until I am on my death bed,holding on to life through a breathing machine and with a pint of blood flowing through my veins??
When the Bible says God will not give to any man more than he can handle,does he mean this life now or life after death?. Is the Blessing meant for me or my descendants.? What should I do while I wait?

Thank God that it is impossible for God to lie.
Sarah heard the word of God that was spoken about her. Have you heard from God? , surely you have asked but has he spoken to you?.God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son. What are you holding on to? An assumption??. If the Lord has said it, the giver and maker of life, the Resurrection and Life ,will part the Red Sea, crumble the wall of Jericho, make your enemy at peace with you to fulfill,bring to pass the word he spoke concerning you. The fulfillment of the Blessing is to the Glory of his name.