Oct 23, 2013

Victory Of Our Faith

The spirit of the lord led Jesus Christ into the wilderness, to be tempted by the devil, just also as the anger of the lord rose against the children of Israelite and caused David to count the people in 2 Samuel :24. Everything a child of God goes through, it is for the fulfillment of his(God's) power. If Jesus have not been led to the wilderness and tempted he will not have that on his resume that he has also been tempted by the devil and believers will say ,well after all he was never tempted. He has no idea to it means weep and want and abandoned. The Spirit was with him, the Spirit led him to the wilderness, not his short comings or the status cuo the Spirit of the Lord put him there. It doesn't matter if you are in the promise land or in the wilderness or in the land of Egypt, the important factor is being led and obtaining the victory of our faith. Walking in the full success of the things we hope for and not be defeated by the devil