Jan 18, 2014

The Lord Counted You Worthy

1 Corinthians chapter 1 verse 26 says......consider your calling ( for you see your calling) brethren, that not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called. 
Bible scholars  spend more time in verse 27 that God using the foolish things of this world to conform the wise
Verses 26 says,,,,Consider your self, look at your self....look at you for a moment, where you were, what you  were doing; but God called you and gave you  a office, a ministry he elevated you.

There were many that are wise,many of noble character and many with influential power but it pleases God and he called you and choose you. He counted you worthy to be  a tool in his hands, instrument in his kingdom
Are you a parent, wife, husband, minister, a citizen or maybe not ,graduate or not. Is English your first language,...... someone else who is wiser , well educated and of influential power would love to take you position but God chose you . He called you with a Holy calling to put to shame the wise and noble 

Rejoice because he is faithful, he called you and he will do a great and mighty work through you,to put to shame those who claim to have power and are wise in their own eyes.

Jan 13, 2014

"The Power Of Introverts"

As an introvert, it's nice to see someone take a serious look at how society underestimates quiet originality. When I was a child, I was a bookworm, that my parents would sometimes make a rule that I had to spend time each day playing with other children. It would have been nice to have a book like this as a resource back then.

Cain describes how introverts differ psychologically and neurologically from extroverts. The science can get a little dense at times, but the author does a good job of getting to the meat of the studies and drawing out the practical implications for individuals and for society as a whole. She discusses how educators go wrong by placing too much emphasis on group learning as opposed to individual investigation, and how employers can benefit from understanding and accommodating their more introverted employees.

Intriguing and well worth reading, with insights illustrated from Susan Cain's own life and experience. "Quiet" is an easy read and perhaps light on the research, but this introvert did find himself nodding through the book: "Yes, I'm just like that." A practical book as well; Cain gives pointers for introverts (and the extroverts who love them) in personal and professional relationships.