Jan 11, 2012

Which Dog Wins?

There is a never ending battle in the life of every believer between the flesh and the spirit. Have you noticed? Even when we surrender our lives to God, satan continues to tempt us. We are never given a reprieve from temptation. So how do we wage this-long battle? And who wins?

I believe the answer is revealed in this story. An alaskan trapper owned several dogs,two of which he trained to fight. Every month he would bring the dogs--one white and one black--to  town to fight. The townspeople would bet on the winner, sometimes betting on the black dog, sometimes on the white one. The owner of the dogs would bet too and he always won.One month he'd bet on the black dog,and the black dog would win. Another month he would gamble on the white dog, and the white dog would win.Some folk finally caught on, and asked the man his secret. "How do you know which dog is going to win?" they asked. "you are never wrong" The dog owner shrugged his shouldes and said, It's easy,really. The one who wins is the one i feed.

Who's going to win the battle the spirit and the flesh? That's easy, too. The stronger one is the one we feed. So we must set our minds on the things of God,seeking to please him in all we do. In that way, we feed the spirit and insure victory over sin.