Nov 20, 2013


         I picked up a copy of this book on kindle "Woman Renewed" from the renewed series with great excitement and expectation and i tell you i was not disappointed. If you are still contemplating what the content of the book is about , i tell you it is worth your time. The writer talks about several examples of women in the Bible and chooses each story, to apply it to everyday women. It is very straight forward and easy to follow as a daily devotion for 21 days. I would encourage women, men,young and old to follow this devotion to a new personal journey in their life.

       I enjoyed the fact that the references of women were uses across the Bible both from the old and new testament. I can also relate to the women as the writer explains their circumstance,and how their situations turn around for them through a simple act. The book challenges you to do something as a child of God. This is a book i will obviously read again and also recommend to every female in my life for a Renewed Woman in them.

Waiting anxiously to read the rest of the series and upcoming release!!