Nov 27, 2011

Enemies of Your Heart....

Enemies of the heart is a book written concerning the issues of the heart. It is written in four segment ,where did it come from to moving forward.Four enemies that kills our heart everyday of our life:Where does the issues and crises we come across comes from?
The author gave a few heart killers and the anti-dote
At some point in time somebody owes someboby something,at least we thing so and if debt is not paid, it causes bitterness therefore , enemies of the heart. So then how do we deal with such issues and enemies so it does not eat our heart away?

I appreciate the idea of this book, it's therapeutic and would recommend it to anyone who at some point in time have some unanswered questions and needs alittle push in setting themselves free.
Anger has been a defence which many of us hide behinde, "we believe it makes us strong or more effective but the people we interact with see it as a weakness"......I love that statement,it is so true.

Mastering these four element makes us happy and free.....No one wants anger,guilt,jealousy and greed get the best of them,and to do that we have to live and master these through forgiveness.
I wish i can have this copy for keep because i will definately read this again.
I receive a copy of this book from waterbrook multnomah publishing group for my honest review.