Sep 1, 2011

Three Types of Friendship

A great mentor once told me I should strive to have three types of friendships: playmates, peers, and personal confidantes.
Playmates are those you just have fun with – the friends you get a pedicure with on a Saturday afternoon or laugh with on a girls’ night out.

Peers are coworkers, ministry partners, other moms, etc. with whom you can share the good, the bad, and the ugly; knowing they will understand because they are experiencing it too. 

Personal confidantes are the hardest friends to find. These women are friends you can “throw up” on. They will not only clean up the mess, but they’ll never tell anyone you were sick. Make sure personal confidantes are trustworthy. Pray for discernment and direction in finding them.

How are you doing with your friendships – what types of friends are missing in your life? Pray that God will bring you the friendships you need right now and that you will be a friend someone else needs.


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