Feb 13, 2013

Next Door Savior:Taken With A grain Of Salt

       A first time reader of Max Lucado, and am writing this review out of obligation.....I have read the Bible cover to cover numerous times and i am quite convinced with the work of Christ and the testimony it brings, but this writer just turns the whole story into a fantasy tale. If you have never read the bible before and lazy at  getting to it then you might appreciate the illustrations in his writing. The Bible is complete and it written well,nothing to be added or taken away. All the illustration just makes it boring to me, cos if this book is to minister to the lost for Christ, it will fail, in the aspect of  preaching the undiluted word of God. The word of God is not FICTION!
    That been said, the book does not have a story line, each chapter talks about something totally different from the previous chapter which is not engaging to me. you will have to read and take breaks between each chapters. This writer did not catch my attention but a few of his illustrations did stick a bit without the fiction. Like the story of peter when he first met Jesus and after his Resurrection when he went fishing, he could not catch any fish without Jesus despite his years of experience as a fisherman. He needed Jesus to be fulfilled in his secular profession. Now that is something to write home about, as a Doctor ,Lawyer or Teacher  or even a Stay at Home Parent ,whatever your  profession might be you need Jesus to be fulfilled, to be accomplish.
   I would recommend this book for anyone who finds it tedious in reading the bible or does not understand the stories and the parables in the Bible, not for mature Christians who are spiritually sound. Middle school and High School students, teenagers in general will appreciate this book and Hopefully they will pick up the Bible and get the message of the undiluted word of God.
I receive this book for free from the publisher through BookSneeze,blogger program. I am not required to write a positive review.The opinion i express are my own.

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