Nov 14, 2013

successful women think Differently

Successful women, young and old do think differently, first time reading from this author and am really impressed by her. She is not afraid to write and to include her biblical point of view in her book. Her targeted audience and readers can understand her writhing without being overwhelm.

A good book for every women at every age in life, right from high school. Each chapter is concluded with some check list,and a place to write your thought.....The book is filled with thought provoking question and inspirational words .A book on success you can refer to over a life time. It is written for women who want more out of life, those who need a little push off their feet and in the right direction.

To think differently as a woman you will have to cultivate these nine habit, they are all well written and detailed, am not sure i can say which one speaks to me the loudest. You have to be ready for such a book as this, you read and you need for time lapse in between.

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