Jan 29, 2013

I am not BUT I know 'I AM'

As much as I've looked forward to the reading of this book,  i was very disappointed. I tried to enjoy the book, but i just could not. This is my first time reading a "Giglio Louie" book and am totally turned of. Never heard him speak before but am sure he has made an impression to some audience. I find this book very tedious to read and redundant, it sounded more of a literary to me, not sure if its a fiction or non-fiction, i could not place myself in this book.

However, i like the idea of the book and what it is all about ,"I AM NOT BUT I KNOW I AM"....
I am not strong but i know I AM who is
I am not rich but i know I AM who is
"The fact that our names are I am not does, not require us to put ourselves down but rather to embrace the fact that we already achieve the greatest heights because we know I AM" God plus anyone is an overwhelming majority,an exceeding powerful team.....Knowing that when we are weak, helpless and hopeless we are not to put ourselves down but to know that we are seated in heavenly places because we know I AM who is strong and graceful, that was why he died for us while we are yet sinners and he made us a royal priesthood.

 He also mentioned that God chooses us to be included in his purpose,he did not just bring us here and forsake us. He's affirmation is so sure, "don't worry about who you are, just focus on the reality of who i am and the fact that i am going with you"!!.....Now that is great news.

 Young believers might appreciate this book which  i recommend, also for seminary students. It will work well as one of their text books and also a playlet.

I receive this book for free for my honest review from waterbrook multnomah publishing group.

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