Jan 16, 2013

The 5 Money Personalities

Money in any kind of relationship is always a sensitive area to tread on and many couples in every relationship, either you have it or not is always an object of discussion. Who says love and money can not mix , who says you have to choose? According to the writer of this book "the Money Couple" knowing your personality towards money is a great tool for your relationship.

I like the idea the writer has about your personality towards money,it is who you are,it is what make you. knowing yourself and knowing your spouse's stance toward money will save you a lot of heartache and bitterness towards your spouse. ....Unfortunately there are no Biblical reference in this book guess it was not written from a religious perspective, it a book every couple should have especially newly wed, (this should follow after you've read on how to be a better spouse)......

One thing i was looking forward to, that the writer did not mention was that circumstances affect's your behavior towards money, and that you can be either or......and changes as one mature and as their life unfolds. Also your spouses behavior towards money can shape yours,which is a fact!!....it also seems there is a targeted audience this book was written for.......because if you are broke you only have One Money Personality "SURVIVAL"

I received a copy of this book for review free from the publisher,i am not required to write a positive review, the opinion i express are my own.


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